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They lay side by side, hand in hand, looking at the sky.

The Amber Spyglass

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Anonymous whispered, "omg you wrote 83 days?!?! It's one of my favorites!!"


The Blacklist AU | Liz and Ressler leave the FBI to work for Red in order to catch Berlin and Tom.

His jacket is long gone, lost in the floor of some russian mobster’s club. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, the first three buttons of his now bloody shirt are missing, gun hidden in the back of his trousers. He has a nasty cut on his left eyebrow, a swollen cheek and probably a broken lip, but he’s still alive.

When Ressler opens the door of the suite the first thing he sees is Dembe and Red playing chess.

"You have got to be fucking kidding me."

"Oh, Donald," says Red cheerfully without taking his eyes off the game. "What took you so long?"

"You left me with a bunch of Bratva guys, just after you took half of their money, because you said you need to take care of an important matter. What the hell is so important about chess!?"

"Take a breath, agent Ressler." Donald clench his teeth. He’s not an agent, not anymore, Red has to stop calling him that. "We had a lead, but it’s far gone by now. We were waiting for you."

"You have a lead?"

"I was speaking with Max," says Liz coming from the next room with a tablet in hand. "They saw Berlin a few days ago in… What the hell happened to you?" she asks him as soon as she raises her eyes from the tablet and focus her glance on Ressler.

~ Extract from Gone rogue

Gone rogue | Liz/Ressler (Keenler) Fanfiction | The Blacklist 

Title: Gone rogue
Rating: T
WC: 819
Characters: Donald Ressler, Elizabeth Keen, Red Reddington.
Pairing: Elizabeth Keen/Donald Ressler (Keenler)
Summary: AU | The last six months have been rough. Leaving the FBI, running around the world chasing Berlin and Tom, doing the kind of work for Red that would put them in jail for sure.
Author’s notes: Friendly reminder that English is not my first language, so I’m sorry for all the mistakes you’ll probably find.
More notes: This was never meant to happen, I was just gonna write a few lines for this gifset I made and suddenly there were 800 words. It’s short and I probably could have written more (I have a lot of ideas about this) but I wanted to post it before the season finale. As always you can blame enalgunlugar for this, because we have talked a lot about what we want for the season finale and, as much as I love this idea, I’m sure it’s not gonna happen :(

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midnight--orchid whispered, "I read your tags for the maxton gif post and I so agree. I need happy fanfiction. I'm so glad they're both alive and happy and I've been waiting for them to kiss alllll season. Those fanfiction ideas sound so perfect. Please write them X3"

I’m so excited about Season 3! I read the other that the kiss was meant to be in episode seven but then they changed it and I think it was a good idea. I mean, that way they have had more development, the seventh was too soon.

And about that fic prompts I put in the tags. Well, they idea was that someone else wrote them because I really suck at writing and we have people that are doing a wonderful job with their fanfictions, I’m better at giving ideas xD

Anonymous whispered, "Hey. My name is Dave and I write Aram's blog on the NBC website. I just wanted to let you know that your fan gifs are awesome, and the one you made on the first blog entry totally made my day/week/year!"


I’m speechless…

First of all, thank you! I’m glad you like my gifsets and I’m especially proud of the one I made about the first Aram’s entry. It was such a wonderful post after the emotional rollercoaster that was Anslo Garrick that it deserved that gifset and more.

Secondly, It’s not that I don’t want to believe that you are who you claim to be Dave, but it’s hard to accept that someone who works for the show has watched what I do xD I mean, you’re an anon, you could be anybody xD But the thing is that I can’t find any reason for someone to come and say those things if they aren’t true, so… Dave, if you really write Aram’s blog I have to say that you’re doing a wonderful job :D

Anyway, thank you very much for your message! :)